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Sonata (2005) for Clarinet and Piano

Sonata for Clarinet and Piano (2005)
Duration: 10:15
Commissioner: Walt Nielsen
Nov. 20, 2005, Arizona State University, Tempe, AZ by Walt Nielsen and Gail Novak
Instrumentation: B-flat Clarinet and Piano 
Program Notes: 
Completed in August, 2005, Sonata is a three-movement "characteristic" work modeled after a paradigm involving interpersonal relationships, namely, initially getting to know, then having to part from, and eventually reflecting upon, a particularly good friend. Movement I starts with a quick three-note motive. Through rhythmic and pitch transformation, this motive evolves into a number of thematic fragments, some of which reappear throughout the composition. The work is unified by these thematic fragments, which depict different emotions associated with the paradigm. Besides creating and building upon the thematic fragments, Martin uses tempi, dynamics, dissonance, rhythm, and texture to depict a wide variety of sentiments.