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Riptide (2009) for Clarinet and Bassoon

Riptide (2009)
(video clip) 
Duration: 4:00 
Instrumentation: duet for clarinet and bassoon
Robert Spring, Albie Micklich 
Sept. 12, 2009, Arizona State University, Tempe, AZ by Robert Spring and Albie Micklich
Program Notes:
The definition of a riptide is a narrow, powerful current of water flowing directly away from shore. This rapid outgoing channel of water flattens incoming waves, luring unsuspecting swimmers with their calm appearance. Often sudden and unexpected, they move swiftly along the surface of the water, pulling swimmers straight out into the ocean. They key to survival is to swim out of a riptide, not against it, by swimming parallel to shore. In this piece, I tried to capture some of these characteristics of a riptide. 

Often when faced with life’s many challenges, one can be easily swept into the ocean of uncertainties. This piece is about the strength and perseverance required to overcome life’s unexpected “riptides.”