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Recombobulation for Clarinet Choir

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Duration: 7:15

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Arizona State University Alumni for Robert Spring

Aug. 13, 2016 in Lawrence, KS at ICA 2016 by ClariZona, Arizona State University’s Clarinet Choir.

Instrumentation: Clarinet Choir

Eb Clarinet

Bb Clarinet 1

Bb Clarinet 2

Bb Clarinet 3

Eb Alto Clarinet

Eb Contralto Clarinet

Bb Contrabass Clarinet

Program Notes:
Just after passing through security in the Mitchell International Airport, in Milwaukee, WI, there is a sign which reads “Recombobulation Area.” Meant as a joke to alleviate the stress of going through airport security, the sign has brought a smile to the face of many travelers, including my own. I think we all can agree that going through a security checkpoint is a somewhat discombobulating experience.

Reflecting on that thought, I realized that travelling is just a metaphor for life, in which there are many circumstances which “discombobulate” us. We are all on our individual journeys, comprised of all the struggles and joys, victories and defeats that define life and define ourselves.

Recombobulation is the act of putting oneself back together, whether it is following a long trip, a serious loss, or a staggering defeat. How does one go about re-combobulating, you ask? Some of my suggested coping strategies are meditation, physical activity, and laughter. These are the inspirations behind the music.

Dedicated to the memory of Guido Six, Recombobulation was commissioned by ClariZona, the Arizona State University Clarinet Choir in 2016, to perform at the International Clarinet Association Clarinetfest in Lawrence, Kansas. Special thanks to “Bob” Spring, who also inspired the creation of this piece.

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