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Solstice (2013) for Basset Clarinet (or Clarinet in A) and Piano

Solstice (2013)
Recording: Live version coming Soon! Electronic version available here.
Duration: 10:00
Instrumentation: Basset Clarinet (or A Clarinet) and Piano
Program Notes: 
Solstice was inspired by the birth of my daughter, Alaina, who was born on the summer solstice, Jun. 21, 2013. While I was pregnant with her, I wanted to write a piece that would be about her personality, before I even knew her.  The piece is in four movements, titled: "I. Sun, II. Moon, III. Air, IV. Fire."  The first movement was inspired by Alaina’s name which means "Shining Light, Precious Sun Ray, and Awakening." Next, I considered the fact that she was born on the border between "Gemini" and "Cancer" and would possibly have traits of both, so I incorporated "Moon" (the ruling planet of Cancer) and "Air" (the element of Gemini) in the next two movements which are played without pause.  Alaina's middle name, Kayleigh, comes from the Gaelic word of the same pronunciation, "Ceilidh," which means a gathering of people with music and dance.  So the final movement is fast, rhythmic and dance-like, and the title "Fire" refers to the passion, love, joy, and excitement we hope she will experience over her lifetime.