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Mingling Contradictions (2003) for Violin, Clarinet, Piano and Electronics

Mingling Contradictions (2004)
Duration: 4:00
Clarinet, Violin, Piano, Electronics (Max/MSP)
Nov. 17, 2003 Arizona State University, Tempe, AZ 
Program Notes:
Mingling Contradictions originated as a choreography collaboration project for composition seminar. The title refers to the contrasting elements in this piece. Some of the "contradictions" include old and new, fast and slow, rhythmic and lyrical. Writing for dance and incorporating electronics in my music are both new to me. The electronic sounds were manipulated and arranged using ProTools and are played back in the program, Max/MSP, which I am able to cue in live performance.

The piece begins with a rhythmic driving bass line in the piano with percussive, metallic sounds in the electronics. The violin enters with a melodic line floating over the top. The clarinet then joins the violin, accentuating the dissonances between the two instruments. The rhythmic drive soon comes to a halt, where the lyrical exchanges begin. The clarinet, paired with the violin, has a conversation with the piano, which becomes more and more animated. Finally, the rhythmic driving section returns and continues to build to the end.

The work was premiered Nov. 17, 2003. At this performance, the choreography also contributed to the title of the piece. Two dancers each choreographed a separate interpretation of this piece and performed them simultaneously.