Theresa Martin

A passion for music

Little Voices

Little Voices (2001-2)
I. Conversations (2001) 
II. Singing (2001)
III. Chatter (2002)
Duration: 6:30
C Trumpet (with Harmon and Cup mutes)
Program Notes: 
Movement I, "Conversations," was created using a twelve tone row and a combination of transpositions, inversions, and retrogrades of the row. The opening statement combines two rows, each with a different character, as if two people are having a conversation. The movement explores different timbres of the instrument, using a Harmon mute, the flutter tongue, contrasting dynamics and extreme registers of the trumpet.

The second movement, "Singing," is written in a slow, lyrical style which allows the trumpet to exhibit its expressive capabilities. The long lines are very smooth, like a thick liquid substance. The dynamics alternate between loud and soft, reflecting on the previous movement. In the middle section, the flutter tongue technique returns from the first movement and is used more prominently. The final section returns to the long lyrical lines from the beginning. The A-flat, the highest note so far in the second movement, finally soars to the B-flat and then slowly floats in a downward stream to the end.

The final movement, "Chatter," is light-hearted and less serious than the previous movements. The quick-moving, staccato notes represent a person who is chatty. The short middle section, with the slower tempo and dotted rhythms, represents the chatty person who is contemplating for a moment, only to go back to his/her chatty old self again.