Theresa Martin

A passion for music


Imprints (2002)
Duration: 5:25
Full Orchestra
Program Notes:
Imprints was written as a reaction to a tragic event which left "imprints" on my heart. In this piece, I used descriptive words to outline the emotions I wanted the piece to encompass. I also created an intensity graph as a guide for the form of the piece, which has two main sections. The first section is shorter and reaches its peak in less time than the second section, which builds gradually before reaching its climax. Section one begins with motives that are sinister, dark, slowly stirring, evil, unknown, and hidden. It quickly builds to hurried and furiously spinning motion and in the process reveals its intentions. The second half begins intense with feelings of shock and horror, and instruments playing high, shrill, and in extreme registers. Immediately following this, the music depicts sadness, mourning, and grieving feelings. The rest of the piece evolves through four emotions: sadness, fear, pride, and finally hope.