Theresa Martin

A passion for music

Fire and Ice (2010) 
(Sound clip)
Duration: 4:00 
Instrumentation: Clarinet Duet 
Program Notes: In Sept. of 2009 on a trip to Arizona, a friend introduced me to the Twilightseries by Stephenie Meyer. Needing something to read on the plane, I borrowed the first two books and began the first Twilight novel on the way home. I was immediately hooked and finished the second book within a week. A couple weeks later I acquired the next two books and devoured them as well. Since then, I have read and thoroughly enjoyed them a second time. Admittedly, I felt rather ridiculous about my fervor for a teen novel series, but I loved it because it reminded me of being young and in love, and it mirrored my own passion I felt toward my spouse.

After reading the Twilight series, I was musically inspired by the star-crossed lovers, Bella and Edward, and the paradox of their unique relationship. Fire and Ice represents, in my mind, the passionate and precarious bond of Bella (warm, delicate, breakable, slow, and clumsy) and Edward (frozen, indestructible, and extraordinarily strong, fast and graceful) and the struggles they must face in their challenging relationship.

Fire and Ice was commissioned by Andy Hudson for his wife, Brittany on the occasion of their wedding.