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Double Take for Two Clarinets and Piano.jpeg

Double Take for Two Clarinets and Piano

Double Take (2014)
Duration: 9:00
Instrumentation: Two Clarinets and Concert Band/Piano Reduction
Listen to Live Performance Colorado State University at Solar Flair Festival (21:20-30:30)

Program Notes: The title "Double Take" refers to the instrumentation of a double concerto, as well as the astrological sign, Gemini, for which the symbol is twins. The official meaning of a "double take" is "a delayed reaction to a surprising
or significant situation after an initial failure to notice anything unusual." These words blossomed into a few concepts which inspired and shaped the piece: looking at something from two different perspectives; two different outcomes to a scenario; and the idea that observing something for the second time always reveals additional details. Musically representing the concepts of "double take" are canonic echoings of a theme, as well as varied repetitions of single motives and entire sections. The piece is written in one continuous movement, with a slow middle section and fast outer sections. The ending, or "coda" departs from earlier material, which could represent an alternate outcome to a scenario. The piece is dedicated to Robert Spring and was premiered on Mar. 14, 2014 by myself and Robert Spring with the University of Wisconsin Fox Valley Concert Band, who commissioned the work.

-Theresa Martin, Jun., 2014