Theresa Martin

A passion for music

A Dream (2004) for Soprano and Piano, Text by Antoinette De Coursey Patterson

A Dream (2004)
Instrumentation: soprano and piano 
Text by: Antoinette De Coursey Patterson 
Program Notes: The title of this poem caught my attention because I find dreams rather intriguing. I was also drawn to the text because of its reference to music and roses, both of which I love. The words flow very smoothly and were just waiting for a beautiful melody to sing them.

A Dream 
I dreamed a dream of roses somewhere breathing 
Their sweet souls out upon the summer night: 
The flowers I saw not, but their fragrance wreathing 
Like clouds of incense filled me with delight.
And then as if for my still further pleasure 
There came a flood of sweetest melody,-
But whence I knew not flowed the wondrous measure, 
For neither flute nor viol could I see. 
Then in the vision of love sublime, immortal, 
Encircled all my soul with its pure stream;
And though I saw thee not through dreamland's portal,
I knew thou only hadst inspired the dream.
'T is thus thine influecce itself discloses,
In dreams of love, of music, and of roses!